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Apr. 30th, 2007 @ 04:10 am Proof - A True story
This flame is: scaredafraid
Everyone was playing in the pool. It seemed pretty dull till they found the bricks the lifeguards used to test themselves. Some of the little girls were flirting with the lifeguards, no one was over the age of eight. A group of children kept trying to bring them up from deeper and deeper parts of the pool. A few were able to bring up the five pound brick from the deepest part of the pool. For a while they were racing to the surface with them. One little girl didn't think that was enough of a challenge, so she dropped both bricks into the deepest part of the pool. She waited on the edge of the pool for the bricks to hit the bottom. Most of the other kids tried to catch the brick before they got half way down. She swan all the way to the bottom till her ears popped. Picking up the bricks wasn't too hard. When she swam up with one she could still use her arms, but not with both. Kicking off the bottom of the pool even with one brick still brought her to the surface with almost no effort, not so with two. She almost started sinking again, but she kicked, hard. The water that normally supported her, was suddenly her enemy. She kicked, not knowing how far it was, feeling like she should have reached the surface minutes ago. She kicked wondering if she would make, if anyone in the world cared. She kicked wishing for someone to help her. She kicked determined to live, though her lungs burned. She kicked past the feet of the other children to finally break the surface of the water, on her own. The lifeguard had knelt at the edge of the pool, and it seemed the others had been cheering her on, but the water muffled their cheers. Everyone had been scared, but she was glad she could do it on her own. Alone adrenaline rushed through her system.
It marked her for life. Alone, ignoring cheers, and caution signs, sometimes a person needs to prove something, not to the world, not to gods to themselves.
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