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May. 12th, 2007 @ 04:05 pm fears
This flame is: scaredafraid

Jake didn't remember walking to the edge of the cliff, but he was standing about fifty feet above a sandy beach. He stared at the sea, and she stared back at him, matching her waves to his breath. She would always be there to call to him, never judging, never hiding, never rejecting. Yes the sea had other lovers, but for some reason that never seemed to bother him. The foam of the tumbling wash stood starkly against the black water in the moon light. Breath seemed so much lighter then the smoke from the bonfire far below.
The wind carried a soft whisper to his ear, "Jake." Turning he saw a woman standing by her car. He hadn't heard the engine over the roar of his thoughts, but her soft voice made it through.
"Look I-" he started but she lay a finger on his lips to silence.
"shh it's alright, I'm here." she said handing him a half empty bottle of rum. It felt as though he were just coming out of a month long black out, he couldn't remember the last time he had eaten, beer had take the place of food. That made life easier, bearable. Any little chore became an adventure, he didn't really have to worry about anything. He took the bottle and looked at in a new light. The cool sea breeze had made him more sober then he'd been in weeks, at least he assumed that it was only weeks. Something didn't seem right about chugging the last of it. He looked over the edge, and threw the bottle as far as he could.
"Look Jane, I'm missing something important, and it's not at the bottom of any bottle." She was so shocked she didn't even try to cut him off. After reassuring himself of his wallet he told her, "I'm leaving."
Jane didn't like that, she liked having a man around, that did her bidding without question, that only required alcohol and well... She actually did like him, at least his physical form. It was nice having someone around whenever she felt like it, especially someone so drunk that he would never know who did what to him. "No." she said her voice thick with anger.
He attempted to take a step back suddenly afraid of her anger, but his foot slipped off.
Fortunately he managed to grab a rock on the edge in the nick of time, "please, help me."
"Why?" Jane was suddenly smiling, "If you're just going to leave me?"
He pulled himself up a little farther.
"You'd let me die?" his hands slipped as his mind flashed back recovering scattered memories from the past weeks.
"What do you think will happen to me if you leave?"
Anger flashed through granting strength to his legs as he feet found purchase on the rough rock. "You'll forget about me or find someone else."
He was almost over the edge when she kicked him back toward the cliff, suddenly not caring if she marred his pretty face. "It'd be more satisfying to watch you fall to your death." He almost lost his grip completely, but he was still holding on.
"Please don't do that." His muscles remembered how get up, and it was easier.
"Why not, no one here knows you or cares." He was up before she finished the thought. The statement stung, made him wish he hadn't thrown the bottle into the sea, or maybe that was the pounding headache.
"I care." He told her before walking off towards town, to find a phone.
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