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Feb. 28th, 2009 @ 04:44 am Beginnings

Exhausted she collapsed next to him in his arms, he held her close and whispered in her ear, "Oh, Julia, I never stop wanting to be with you, time I spend without your sweet presence only serves to remind how much I enjoy being with you. I just can't stop thinking about you." She was already asleep though and didn't hear his words, but snuggled into his sculpted chest when he pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. Having told her on some level how he felt Jack drifted off to peaceful for a few hours only to wake just in time to stop the alarm from going off. Upon waking he kissed the top of her head again, in so many ways grateful that she was safe and with him still, he smiled. Carefully so as not to wake her he slipped out of bed and to his computer. She stirred a little but did not wake.
They lived in the same world apart from the rest of humanity and while she wasn't the only other who loved to command those that cannot yet feel, she was the one he wanted to hold who did. They had been worlds away from each other, and too afraid of losing each other to reach for one another for so long that everything seemed too good to last.
Bombs fell on her home and work last night, he shivered madly when he read that. But the news wasn't changing no matter how long he stared at the writing on the screen. "No" Jack whispered softly. Life suddenly seemed too surreal. He walked outside and lit a cigarette, trying to figure out what to do before the sun rose. He thought well I'll just have to keep her with me, only problem was she was a hard one to hold on to. He knew she hated feeling trapped more then the feeling abandoned, unlike most people. How on earth could he keep her safe? Normally he could trust the world to keep her safe enough, her self destructive tendencies were no worse then his though he often wondered if she bothered to sleep and eat enough. Maybe he did want to live with her, but that would be a huge step for them, one that needed to be approached with caution and not explosions. Besides the world seemed to be driving them apart more oft then together. He came to a decision and decided that she was one of the most important things in his life and this might be a dream that would go away if she curled into his arms again, after he started a pot of coffee.
The ground shook but in this place that wasn't too uncommon, the arms around her gave a squeeze. Just enough to let her know Jack was more concerned then he should be. Then again she hadn't been through many earthquakes with him and the smell of coffee was so invigorating that she woke with a smile holding him tightly.
He kissed her, just before her eyes opened. It was one of those damn everything I need to feel your lips and tongue kisses.
"I smell coffee."
"Then let's get you a cup," he said popping up and taking her by the hand to the table before going into the kitchen, "what do you want for breakfast?"
"what do you have in the way of breakfast things?" she asked him when he brought her the coffee.
"Blueberry pancakes?"
"Do you work today?" Jack asked disappearing back into the kitchen.
"Nope," Julia's voice took on a sing-song quality.
"think you'd want to help me out with something?" he asked her teasingly.
"depends. what?"
"I have alittle project..." It wasn't really a project as much as a distraction that would likely get her to lose track of time and might keep her from seeing the news. It wouldn't help much but it did buy him alittle time to figure out what was going on and to keep the themselves safe. He didn't want to keep it from her but he also didn't want to risk her trying to run back. He explained it and just before she started work on it she checked her email.
"Jack it's gone." Her jaw dropped and for a moment she couldn't move, he ran over to her and crouched down to see her screen draping an arm over her shoulders.
"You're ok." It wasn't a question, it was a reminder.
"They aren't, my co-workers, my-boss, the coffee man, convenience store guy. Shit I want to check on ..."
"Julia calm down, you're ok, let's go have a cigarette." He stood us his arm still around her bringing Julia bringing her with him.
Outside she told him, "Well that's nixes the projects I've got alot letters to write."
"Letters to who?" his fear was making his quaver.
"My family, the folks from the place I'm from. These bombs mean war has broken out and I want them to know they should be hiding."
"I've got a few those to write to..."
"That won't take too long, but then I have to get home to help clean up and maybe find my friends."
"Who are you to tell me that I can-" Jack didn't let her finish.
"How do you think you're going to get back there? The train is out for the count and so are the bridges."
"I could walk all the way-"
"And do you have any idea how dangerous that is right now?"
"Do you?"
"Look you want to send notes to your folks fine. That makes sense, but how would risking your life to go to no man's land help anyone? Your folks don't need an ulcer."
"Who knows? Maybe I could save a life or two."
"And loose yours?"
"What are you talk-" the ground shook as if to silence her.
"They haven't stopped. You don't think the little project's still important, well maybe it's not, so let's go camping for a week. Then I'll even go with you to help clean up."
"You still have a job."
"Hon, I value my life more then my job," with you in it, but he didn't say that out loud.
She took one last drag staring at the ground because she knew that he had her with that one. Suicide wasn't something she was keen on, and he often seemed to value his job more then his life. "fine, your friends coming with us?"
"I don't know yet."
"Then I'm going to start the letters."
Two hours later the living room was full of camping gear and people, Jack introduced Julia to everyone and everyone to her. There was James who she met back at school, John who she knew from work, Jenny who had been her drinking buddy many a night was the biggest shocker, she a queer little I knew this would happen smile. Jared who she met online. Jaz was the only one in the room she didn't know. Everyone laughed when Jack tried to introduce her to everyone, and Julia breathed a sigh of relief to know that at least a few of her friends made it out ok. The laughter was interrupted when the building shook so hard it knock James, John and Jenny from their feet.
"LOAD THE CAR NOW!" Jaz screamed with an air of militant training.
Everyone raced out to the car.
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