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Oct. 19th, 2009 @ 02:53 am Smoke

Lisa ached all over from sitting all day. Her coworkers were starting to worry about her, when lunch came she was passing off. Subsisting off coffee and cloves, always smelling like Christmas, most of the men she worked with had gotten over their crushes on her though. She wrote solid code, and everyone understood it perfectly, she made enough to make her house payments and have most of the things she wanted, but she was far from happy. Far too jaded.
It was a struggle to keep them from knowing how lonely she was. Mike, John and Steve seemed to care alot but she didn't want them to know how alone she felt. Even with them. It would only hurt their feelings. So after work, she'd leave alone, stop by the store if she was low on anything and maybe grab a new game, go home play and drink.
It was not a bad life, but it was a lonely one. Better than being in school, same place but broke and without games.
These little luxuries made her smile as she poured the vodka, but she frowned reaching pasted the rotting vegetables in the fridge mentally noting that it was time to clean it, for orange juice. It was a night just like any other. She mixed her drink and took a swig of the vodka before putting it back. Smiling as the hard liquor sent a shiver through her, when it hit her empty stomach. After chasing it with her drink she started throwing out the old food. It didn't take too long.
And she sat down and started playing the RPG she picked up on way home from work.
Just before she finished laying out her character her phone rang, but she didn't recognize the number.
"Hello?" Lisa answered.
"Is Lisa Smith there?" there was a man's voice on the other end.
"This detective Robert Doe."
"You related to John Doe."
He didn't laugh. "I'm calling about your brother Jack."
"I haven't seen or heard from him in two years, is he still that Wendy character?"
"He's dead."
The phone slipped from her hand. "I'm sorry I didn't catch that I dropped my phone."
"Jack is dead."
Lisa took a huge gulp of her drink, "W-What happened?"
"There was a car bomb."
"What did he do? Who did he piss off?"
"That's what we were hoping you could tell us."
"I haven't heard from him in a long time, you probably already know more than me. Have you called my mom yet?"
"I'm sorry to have troubled you so late on Friday. Thankyou for your time goodnight."
She stepped outside and lit her clove, and called her mom.
"Hello?" her mother's voice sounded horse.
"Hey mom, did they call you too?"

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