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Jan. 17th, 2006 @ 09:10 pm tunnels and trains
This flame is: hopefulhopeful

No one told him how much the train cost but he knew how dangerous the streets were, so his current dilemma was understandable. His shirt hung in damp tatters along his back were the train torn first at the fibrous fabric of his shirt and then at the softer fabric of his skin. Countless times he saw a light brighter then the sun rushing towards him, and dived between the tracks on his belly pressing his body as close to the wood as he could till the train rushed away. But the light at the end of the tunnel was different now. It was fainter while remaining steady. Till it was suddenly eclipsed and the familiar sun was rushing toward him again. He threw himself down as the train whipped over him resembling a lawnmower suspended by the rails. The eternity it took for the train to release him, forced him to think about why he was so desperate to get away from that place.

It all started when that girl, Vicky showed up. Her face reminded him of what he imagined Venus or Helen of Troy must have looked like. It was the first time he ever noticed a girl and was noticed back. He spent the first night holding her, she wouldn't let him do anything else till the following day. Vicky seduced him and kept him wrapped around her little finger. He ended up working nearly 112 hours a week between his three parttime jobs. She was using him to pay for her nano highly illegal nano research and as a guinea pig. The nanos she used on him would cause him intense pain if he didn't see her for more then 17 hours. But he didn't realize any of it till the cops showed up one night he was about to spend another sleepless night next to her. They took him into custody after Vicky told them that he was going to frame her for what she did. They questioned him all night and all morning but in the late afternoon he crumpled and fell out of his chair in agony. Then suddenly as it began it stopped. When he opened his eyes, he saw a dark room lit only by a man with long dark hair near the door. The long haired man grasped his hand and they ran.
Who are you, he remembered asking his savior.
The long haired man's answer still echoed in his mind, "Get out of here, take the train and go to Surrogatville."
He remembered running home grabbing a handful of bills and change off his dresser and racing to the train station. They told that he only had enough to there from the next town over. So he started walking, never looking back.

It took him a moment to realize the train was gone, but then he got up and walked the last hundred yards out of the darkness.
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