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Apr. 21st, 2010 @ 05:11 am Smoke
The loud screech of her alarm was masquerading as dragon in her dream, just before she reluctantly opened her eyes in the empty room. As comfortable and safe as she felt, the awareness of it's fragility hung in her mind. Sarah looked in the mirror telling herself that she would keep it though. She would work her eight or ten or sometimes even twenty hours days to keep it. Brew some coffee, cook breakfast, dress, chug the coffee and out the door in less than 30 minutes. Just another morning.
Catch a bus, just to get somewhere no one wanted to be, to do something that she wasn't great but could get paid for. Cleaning, she was another one of those house keeper by day, computer science student by night. When she was at work her mind was almost never on what she was doing unless she was trying to come up with algorithm to do it for her. If she could get the right parts she could build a robot to her job fairly easily, but that was expensive. When she tried to talk to the people she worked with, they often looked at her like she was speaking Martian, and they barely spoke english.
At lunch she sat and read through the papers she had been given for homework the night before, and while vacuuming start thinking about the actual implementation or design. That allowed her to waste far less time when she finally got to sit down and start working. Most of the time she knew exactly what she was going to write before she even sat down.
Hop another bus to school, walk into the computer to type out the code and debug it. Of course the moment she walked in the door there was often a cheer, she could never tell if it was because all the guys found her overly attractive or actually needed her help. Some the mistakes they made drove her crazy. Seriously how many times could someone honestly forget to declare the type of a variable. They weren't using python. It was a good thing it only took Sarah half the hour she had before class to get her homework done, because everyone in the room seemed to need her help. All of them seem to want to take her out.
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